ATHLETES can do the QUALIFIER workouts on: Thursday 30-8-2018, Friday 31-8-2018, Saturday 1-9-2018, Sunday 2-9-2018.

Scores must be submitted before Sunday evening 2-9-2018 21:00CET.

ATHLETES must complete all workouts on the same day, in the prescribed order.

Repeating the workouts is permitted, but all workouts need to be completed again in the prescribed order. It is not allowed to redo one or two workouts separately.

Only scores maybe submitted online to Competition Corner,that are part of one three-WOD attempt, performed in consecutive order (wod1, wod2, wod3). Submitting results from different attempts is not permitted.

In principle, the QUALIFIER of the LLTD must be performed at an official CrossFit AFFILIATE with a Judge. If not performed at an official CrossFit AFFILIATE a video registration and submission is always required.

For more information: see the Rulebook.