Each year we invite the European community to participate in the functional fitness competition in Europe. It doesn’t matter how long you have been training, or what shape you are in. A competition will motivate you like nothing else to work on your weaknesses and celebrate your victories with those around you.

The Lowlands Throwdown 2018 Qualifier is open for all athletes and will be held at participating gyms throughout Europe. The qualifier consists of three workouts which are all to be completed in one day. You have from thursday the 30th of august to sunday the 2th of september to do the workouts. Spliting the workouts over multiple days is not allowed.

There are eight divisions to choose from. There will be an Elite and Masters division as well as Scaled and as prescribed (Rx’d) versions of every workout.


There are four separate divisions to choose from:
– Teens girls (16-17)
– Teens boys (16-17)
– Elite male
– Elite female
– Masters male (35+)
– Masters female (35+)
– Masters male (40+)
– Masters female (40+)


Click here to read more about scoring and the deadline to submit your score. The athlete has to enter his/her score before Sunday 9pm on the 2nd of September!


Click here to read more about the qualifier format.